Our Tracker Protection Lists Now Power Better Privacy for more than 350 Million Active Users

Firefox browser announces Disconnect will power their "Enhanced Tracker Protection" default cookie blocker

Starting last week, all new users installing Firefox for the first time will automatically block cookies from companies that Disconnect has identified as trackers. And over the next couple months, all existing Firefox users will have this privacy feature automatically turned on. You can read more about this on the Mozilla blog.

At Disconnect we are all about making privacy the default (the preselected option), because we know that most users never dive into their settings to switch things up. So Firefox's decision to protect everyone from tracking cookies without putting the burden on their users to do anything is a huge win for internet privacy and we are super proud that the team at Firefox have chosen to rely on our tracker protection list!

When Disconnect first started our goal was to create technologies that helped protect the privacy of all internet users, not just those who could afford to pay or who know why privacy is important. It is simply amazing that our small team now powers better privacy for over 350 million monthly active users, including people who use Disconnect's award winning apps as well as people who use Firefox and other popular products that integrate our tracker protection. And although we are humbled and excited by what we've accomplished, after a proper celebration, we can't wait to start working on pushing for even more privacy protection in the browser and across the entire device.

So please keep an eye out here for what's next and follow our progress on Twitter, or reach out to us anytime at support@disconnect.me!