All New iOS Privacy Pro Experience

We started building the SmartVPN technology that is at the core of our iOS Privacy Pro product in 2013. At that time and still today our goal was the same: create a simple to use product that makes protection from tracking the global default across the entire device, but doesn't slow down your phone or break anything. This update feels like a major step toward our original goal. And what makes this even more satisfying is the ability to offer the core functionality absolutely free.

Your feedback matters!

Our team could not be more excited to launch a brand new design and major update to our iOS Privacy Pro app — the new features and user interface were a direct result of your feedback over the past few months and also include backend changes that make the app even more powerful and user friendly than before. And of course, Privacy Pro continues to offer the best FREE protection on the planet for your iOS devices.

One tap protection

alt We absolutely love our power features, but we heard from a lot of users who were confused with all the stats and options on our old home page. So we created a new design with a home page that is just a giant button, which lets you know right away if Disconnect's device-wide protection is on, or not. For many people the point of using our app is knowing that they are protected from unwanted tracking — no more info is really needed. Our new home page lets you know clearly at a glance that Disconnect's technology is active and blocking trackers behind the scenes.

More power features under the hood

alt Although we understand that some people don't like thinking about privacy all the time, the Disconnect team and some of our fans love to geek out on this stuff, so despite the simplified home screen we are personally really excited that this update includes even more geeky features than ever before.

See specific types of activity

Check out exactly who's tracking you, what you're blocking, and how much you're encrypting. Also you can see your time and data savings, and more. This update gives you the ability to filter the activity you see, for example: view blocked or allowed trackers, encrypted connections, or every connection made to your device.

Save and share your custom firewall rules alt Our firewall feature empowers you to block or allow any and all domains from connecting to your device with a tap or two. Now Disconnect also gives you the ability to import and export your custom rules to easily back up your personalized list of blocked domains as a json file and share your custom list across devices or with friends. This was a popular request from our users and we're excited to deliver. Just head to the Settings menu and geek out to your heart's content.

More server locations, less problems. alt

We've been working super hard to create a product so amazing that you never have to turn it off. This update added a bunch more edge locations (now over 180 locations in 80+ countries!) to ensure the fastest connections to secure unencrypted traffic and protect your privacy. Speaking of encrypting traffic, we also added thousands more automatic http to https redirection rules in Secure Mode so your device communicates as securely as possible and sends the minimum amount of traffic to external servers.

More control is now yours with our amazing free version and super awesome upgrade to Secure Mode!

Try out the all new Disconnect Pro app for iOS and let us know what you think! Remember we never store or log any traffic routed through our servers and don’t track your IP address or any other personal info, except the info you volunteer (like if you choose to email us).