Partnership with Samsung makes our award-winning protection available to hundreds of millions of people using Samsung's Internet browser

New free Android app exclusive to Samsung Internet browser

In partnership with Samsung, we're excited to launch a new privacy app exclusively for the Samsung Internet browser that allows Android users to control their privacy, experience faster page loads and use less bandwidth. And it's FREE!

This partnership demonstrates Samsung's ongoing commitment to user privacy and allows Disconnect's powerful protection to seamlessly effect all traffic inside the Samsung Internet browser, which is used by hundreds of millions of people. Learn more about Samsung's announcement of our partnership and commitment to privacy here.

Disconnect for Samsung Internet browser

The new Disconnect app blocks thousands of unwanted trackers hidden in the websites you visit. Preventing this unwanted data collection not only protects your privacy and security, but accelerates page and app loads by up to 44% and reduces cellular data waste by up to 39% depending on your usage.

This free app is available for download in the Google Play Store and is compatible with Samsung Internet browser 4.0 and up. For more information about the Samsung Internet browser follow along here.