Announcing The Digital Standard, a project to test the privacy and security of Internet of Things and other consumer products!

Ever wonder whether your SmartTV records your conversations, or whether your child’s Wi-Fi connected teddy bear, or even your new car is vulnerable to malicious hacking? Well help is on the way!

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Digital Standard, a collaborative effort to create a framework to test the privacy and security of Internet connected products. We’ve partnered with Consumer Reports, Ranking Digital Rights, and The Cyber Independent Testing Lab, with big help organizing from Aspiration, to create an open standard that we view as a starting point for future development.

We hope this project ultimately makes it easier for end users to assess the digital safety of products and incentivizes developers to design products with better privacy and security safeguards. This project is vital to the future of consumer protection and urgently needed as the number of IoT products on the market explodes.

The Digital Standard is perfectly aligned with Disconnect’s mission to empower people to control their personal information. We believe the Digital Standard has great potential to positively impact consumer privacy and security and we're thrilled about this launch.

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