New Free Privacy Pro for iOS feature: Easily block whatever you want

More control is now yours, free!

Super excited to launch a new feature in our iOS Privacy Pro app that gives you the power to very easily block whatever you want.


Your very own easy to use firewall

Our mission has always been to put our users in control of their privacy. Privacy Pro for iOS has been a truly revolutionary app that acts as a firewall to block network traffic based on Disconnect's tracker protection rule set.

Our default protection strikes a balance between privacy and usability. Most users like that Disconnect manages the tracker protection list and are happy to trust the default. But we have been getting feedback for years from users who want to set their own rules and block or unblock whatever they want.

Prior to today, the process of adding custom rules was, well, pretty much just for geeks like us. Now, with the addition of popular customizations and a brand new user-friendly interface, we make it easy to dial up or down your protection level.

Never use any Facebook services? Try adding to the blocklist and see how they like it! We make it easy to experiment with our Popular Customizations and you can always reset to our default protection, which seeks a balance between privacy and usability.

Try out the new Disconnect Pro app for iOS and let us know what you think! Remember we never store or log any traffic routed through our servers and don’t track your IP address or any other personal info, except the info you volunteer (like if you choose to email us).