Tor and ProPublica are May’s Charities of the Month!

Our Charity of the Month vote for May ended in a tie, so two charities will receive a portion of user contributions this month, The Tor Project and ProPublica.

Tor, originally a US Navy research project, is one of the best ways to stay anonymous and secure while browsing the Internet. The Tor networking protocol allows Tor users to browse the web anonymously, and the Tor Browser Bundle makes it easy for non-technical users to get involved. The Tor Project supports the development of the core Tor software and the community. Tor is used around the world every day by ordinary citizens who care about their privacy and dissidents who face persecution.

ProPublica is a nonprofit organization that produces journalism in the public interest. Their award-winning investigative reporting focuses on critical topics that are often overlooked by large media conglomerates. ProPublica’s coverage of recent events in the privacy/technology world has been outstanding, and we're happy to include them in this month's charity drive.

Disconnect’s mission is to help people understand online data collection and control access to their personal information. The work of the Tor Project and ProPublica directly advance this mission.

We're proud to support these great organizations, and we’re glad that Disconnect users feel the same! You can learn more about the nonprofits that we’ve nominated and vote for the Charity of the Month for June here.