Introducing Global Privacy Control

We are proud to announce that we are part of a new effort to create an easy way to exercise your privacy rights, called Global Privacy Control (GPC).

Global Privacy Control

Based on consumers demand for privacy, law makers have stepped up and passed regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Unfortunately, these and other laws put too much burden on individuals to exercise their rights one website at a time. The GPC is a browser-oriented signal that makes it easy for users to automatically express their preference for privacy on every website they visit, without the need to actually read all those detailed popups or privacy policies.

Check out the GPC website to learn more about this effort and the technical specification we've been working on. Also starting today you can install the award-winning Disconnect browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, or Opera and enable the experimental GPC signal to try it out for yourself. Note, right now there are only a few websites (like The New York Times and Washington Post) that have committed to looking for and accepting the GPC signal, but our hope is that this effort will lead other sites to follow suit.