Introducing Tracker Spotlight for iOS, free!

Ever wondered who's tracking you behind your back in apps and webpages on your iPhone or iPad? Now you can see! Our brand new Tracker Spotlight feature allows you to view the trackers invisibly collecting information about your online activity. Tracker Spotlight is integrated into our Premium iOS app and shows you who is tracking you in realtime and over periods of time.

Tracker Spotlight is free to use and upgradeable to our award-winning Premium protection, which blocks thousands of unwanted trackers. Preventing this unwanted data collection not only protects your privacy and security, but accelerates page and app loads by up to 44%, reduces cellular data waste by up to 39%, and extends your battery life. Premium also offers Secure Wi-Fi mode, which encrypts all your connections to defend against wireless eavesdroppers and other threats.

Unlike browser specific content blockers, Disconnect Premium allows you to block and visualize tracking across your entire device, and protects you inside all the apps and browsers you use so our Premium app makes your entire iOS device faster and safer. Disconnect Premium with Tracker Spotlight is available for install exclusively in the App Store.

Check out Tracker Spotlight and let us know what you think!