Now that the dust has settled on the Facebook IPO, find out how much money the company is banking off you — i.e., your data — with this fun, little app we made: FBME. The app is so called since we calculate your slice of Facebook’s market cap. More than fun and games, there’s actually a serious algorithm at work here. In short, we fetch your profile info from Facebook, use their own ad system to measure what advertisers pay to target each of your attributes, and plug in real-time FB quotes to arrive at your personal valuation.

Posted by Brian Kennish
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11 Responses to FBME

  1. I don’t think people care about privacy. Rather, they care about being the ones who monetize their own data. So while disconnect is a nice option, you should focus on helping users monetize *themselves*.

    Just my $0.02

  2. walt says:

    every time I try to load https://fbme.disconnect.me/ I just get a blank page. Do I have to disable the original disconnect.me plugin first?

  3. charlie says:

    walt: i found that disabling my “widget block” extension allowed this page to load.

  4. Juan Fattorini says:


  5. Gregor says:

    I get 502 bad gateway whenever I visit the extension page.

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