Disconnect now powers Private Browsing mode on Firefox!

Significant privacy, faster browsing, less bandwidth

We’re excited to announce that we now power Tracker Protection in Firefox’s Private Browsing mode. This feature blocks thousands of trackers from invisibly collecting and storing your personal information without your consent.

Our Tracker Protection allows you to browse faster, safer, and prevent companies from invisibly tracking you without your consent.

One of the reasons we created Disconnect was because we believe that privacy should be the default online. In other words, when you use the Internet your personal information should not be collected, stored, and sold behind your back without your explicit consent.

Making privacy the default is especially important when we enter into an “Incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode where we reasonably expect our privacy to be protected.

By implementing this feature, Mozilla has taken a strong stand for privacy on the Web and we’re hopeful that other browser vendors and large technology platforms offer the same protections for their users by default.

You can check out the details of what Tracker Protection means here. https://disconnect.me/trackerprotection