Collusion for Safari (and new Chrome features)

Collusion for SafariCollusion is now available for Safari (5.1 and up), over on our tools page! As promised, we’ve brought the awesome Collusion Firefox add-on made by Mozilla to yet another browser. Collusion for Safari was born at the Wall Street Journal’s Data Transparency Weekend, which we helped put together and run. We developed the extension along with a bunch of friendly hackers we met there and elsewhere. To take a look at their contributions (or, if you’re a coder, contribute yourself!), go to the project repo.

New Chrome features

We’ve also added three big features (and a lot more little ones) to the Chrome extension. Version 1.5 lets you (1) block over 800 tracking sites, (2) see a real-time tally of the sites connected to the one you’re on, and (3) view third- and lower-level domain names untruncated ( not These features (except the second) are in the Safari extension, too. If you have Collusion for Chrome, you’ve been autoupdated already or will be soon. If you don’t, this extension is likewise available on our tools page.

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35 Responses to Collusion for Safari (and new Chrome features)

  1. Hm says:

    Ab-so-lutely amazing and wonderful, especially the blocking option – THANK you.

  2. Andrew says:

    Could you tell us where you’re getting the list of known tracking site from? Are you using the Bluetack lists?

    Can we edit the lists used on our own browser?

    • Collusion for Chrome and Safari are open source. The code is behind the last link in the first paragraph. The list of tracking sites is at chrollusion.safariextension > chrome > data > trackers.json. And instructions for making (and contributing) changes are on the project homepage.

  3. Champ says:

    Do I still need disconnect when I have this installed?

    • Yes. There’s little overlap between what Disconnect and Collusion for Chrome and Safari filter (Google advertising and analytics and Yahoo advertising). The Disconnect stuff is more likely to be both privacy invading and to break pages so needs a UI designed for convenient switching on and off.

  4. Nick says:

    I love you guys. This is important software and I like where this is going. My big feature request now would be:

    Thanks so much for this tool!

  5. anonymous says:

    dumb Q: is blocking turned on when the rectangle says “Unblock known tracking sites” or when it says “Block known tracking sites”????

  6. jf says:

    anonymous, the words in that button indicate the action that you can do. If it says “block”, that means you’re not blocking yet. If it says “unblock”, then clicking on it would *un*block… Hope that helps!

  7. Jackson says:

    Knowledge is power – this plugin gives that control back.
    My two requests are both revolving around a manual blocking ability: that I can add sites to the block list (not so difficult I would think,) and that I can break specific links, that is information from a specific site to another site (obviously a lot trickier).

    Great work girls and guys and thanks again!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Can you explain the second one a bit more. Do you mean you want to allow certain resources from third-party sites (like Google captchas) but not others (like Google ads)?

  8. Dan Martin says:

    When I click on the collusion icon, a small window appears with a giant graphic that I cannot scroll past. I have reduced screen size, but it has no affect on the window. Suggestions?

  9. K says:

    I can’t install it on Safari 5.2 beta.

  10. cinthia says:

    Sadly, Google Disconnect blocks web site videos. I had to disconnect it. Also, Ironically, the download link for Safari Collusion is inactive in Safari 5.1.7

  11. cinthia says:

    Apologies. I should have been clear that the Google Disconnect problem is also in Safari 5.1.7 Thanks.

  12. Champ says:

    I’ve found this version to be relatively slow, I click the button and it takes several second before the window opens, even with little to no data in it. When using this for more than a day the little (no way to rescale it) window is all circles with a grey background.

    Also, this thing has advertisements? (Adblock blocks them so I haven’t seen them but I’ve seen the screen go white with Advertisement or something at the top.) Hope they to are blocked from collecting my data. Suspicious at best.

  13. Dan says:

    Is there an issue with the website? The download links are greyed out.

  14. Daniel Ross says:

    I have Safari 6.0.1 on a MacBook Pro and have installed Collusion. I don’t find the Collusion window. Is there supposed to be a red button at the bottom as in Firefox?

  15. Daniel Ross says:

    Sorry, I now have found it – better than the red button! This is a very interesting program. Congratulations on it. I’m just getting into it. By the way I learned of Collusion from a TEDtalk.

  16. Jeff says:

    I just installed both Collusion and Disconnect on Safari. I’m confused because Collusion shows tracking links to sites such as Google and Facebook that Disconnect should be blocking (and Disconnect says is blocking). I saw a post in Collusion for Chrome that said this issue would happen in Chrome if Collusion were installed before Disconnect. I don’t know if Safari works the same way, but I installed Disconnect before Collusion. Is there a way to verify that Disconnect is working?

  17. Edward says:

    Installed on SL in Safari 6.0.3 clicking to show the Collusion window just shows a blank page with a small red rectangle in the corner that fills when you hover over it but otherwise does nothing.

  18. Paul Vivian says:

    I installed both Collusion and Disconnect on Safari. When I shop on line, i am reminded the next day or days after of where I’d been by the amount of junk mail from companies who market similar products to the one I investigated or purchased. I expected the amount of junk mail in my box to drop as a result of Disconnect. If anything, I’m receiving more of it then before I installed Disconnect. Have others experienced this? Oh, and like Edward, my collusion window is blank with the red rectangle. Many Thanks

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