Introducing Disconnect's iOS App Tracker Report

We just launched the Disconnect iOS App Tracker Report, the easiest way to uncover hidden trackers inside the apps you use.

Disconnect's iOS App Tracker Report

Since 2013, Disconnect has given you the ability to block and view trackers on your iOS device. But due to technical limitations on iOS, until now we were never able to show you the apps where the tracking we block originates. Building on Apple's App Privacy Report feature that was introduced in iOS 15 and was updated with the launch of iOS 15.2 last week, we are now able to provide valuable insight that allows you to connect the tracking that happens on your device to specific apps.

More transparency about data collection is always a good thing and our new tool builds on the data Apple makes available to reveal information about the app trackers on your device. There are detailed instructions on how to use our tool here, but the short version is that you simply export the App Privacy Report (JSON) file from Apple and then we provide you with the ability to display the tracker data on a website.

In line with our commitment to your privacy, we don’t track, collect, or store any data from your Report. The App Privacy Report file is not uploaded to our servers and is only processed locally on your machine. Our web application does initiate a network request to download the app details (name, icon, etc.) from our servers. None of these network requests are logged and they are only used for the functionality of displaying your Tracker Report. View our privacy policy here:

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